【Sep 12】Leveraging KOL in China to Boost Business



網紅,one of hottest keywords in China, which represents Key Opinion Leader (KOL). KOL in China is not limited in providing opinion, they are also

  • MEDIA (自媒體) with loyal fans and huge viewership
  • SHOP as they carry products (帶貨)
  • ENTREPRENEUR who are running business

New Digital Noise invites 2 KOLs from Beijing, together with KOL agency ibluesocial from Shanghai and social media platforms Sina Hong Kong, to share with you the ways of leveraging KOL to boost your business


Language: Putonghua and Cantonese


Who to attend?

  • You are running a business with market in Mainland China
  • You are running a business which targeting China Travelers
  • You are in media agency with media planning targeting mainland Chinese





4:00pm – 4:05pm


Opening Speech


Paula Yang, General Manager, New Digital Noise


4:05pm – 4:25pm


KOL Sharing


Chang Fei Fei, 常飛飛


4:25pm – 4:45pm


Be a KOL (Tentative)


Little World (小世界lilworld)


4:45pm – 5:05pm


R.O.I (Return on Ideas), Holistic KOL Media Buying


Victor Yang, General Manager, ibluesocial


5:05pm – 5:25pm



Enrich effectives of KOL Campaign via KOL Platform


Martin Tong, Sina Hong Kong



5:25pm – 6:00pm




Round Table Discussion




Table 1 – Chat with KOL

Table 2 – Strategic KOL Media Planning

Table 3 – Creative idea and promotion on KOL Platform