《星箭升級人才招聘會》是由香港投資推廣署主辦 FinTech Education Week 2017 活動之一

"Arrow4Star" Career Fair is as a part of  FinTech Education Week 2017 organised annually by InvestHK


人才創意飛騰  企業高質發展  香港社會創新

Arrow4Star Career Fair

Co-creative platform for innovative enterprises and creative minds






"Arrow4Star" Career Fair, organized by HKGoodJobs, CoolJobz and Incu-Lab, partner with InvestHK in the HK Gov's FinTech Edcuation Week, is a career fair that aims at promoting the high quality and positive competitiveness of both of HK's corporations and talented individuals.

The campaign of "Arrow4Star" would offer aspiring jobseekers a chance to grow and become professionals in their fields. Moreover, prestigious and socially caring employers from diversified industries are invited by the campaign to provide job openings with good and meaningful prospect to the talents in town.

The strategic "Arrow4Star" campaign would also try to help closing poverty gap in general by empowering  and matching talented but disadvantaged people with decent job opportunities, clear path of promotion and valuable social capital within their reach.

It also tries to equip desperate jobseekers regain hope and rediscover meaning of life through working and training, and thus help promote well-being socially, economically and psychologically.


日期 Date:  4 Nov 2017 (Sat)

時間 Time:  12:30 pm – 5:30 pm

地址 Place:  The Wave, 8/F., 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

費用 Price: $1,980 原價、$980 (10月26日或之前報名) /  $1,980, Early Bird $980 (On or Before 26 Oct, 2017)

僱主登記 Employer registration



任何有關香港好工網《星箭升級人才招聘會》星級僱主的查詢,請致電 3188-4978 或 電郵 與沈先生聯絡。

The Arrow4Star Career Fair serves as a face-to-face platform for you to meet the quality candidates. We are planning to offer walk-in candidates as well as pre-registered candidates (to be confirmed) at the fair. We welcome you as one of the ‘Starry Recruiters’ and we will do our best to make sure your need for skilled professionals will be fulfilled.

Kindly confirm the participation of your company for Arrow4Star Career Fair by replying the attached slip. If you have any further question please feel free to contact Mr. Shum at 3188-4978 or email



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