【4 Feb】「Tech is Cool Social Mixer」IoT Biz is Growing, IoT is Hot!


【Tech is Cool Social Mixer】

We think Tech is Cool, and all tech entrepreneurs and technical people definitely think tech is important as it is shaping things around us.

In the social mixer let us dialogue how tech and startups are important, game-changing and fun for people and society~~


IoT Biz is Growing, IoT is Hot! / 物聯網很熱 -- 其實物聯網有冷過嗎?

Online Activity 線上活動

IoT is extremely beneficial in facilitating our lives to manifolds.

IoT can be used to monitor our cities to prevent dangers, remote control the applicances in your home.

It is one of the important foundations for the development of smart cities.



Guest :

Stephen Choi

Head, General Air Department, Asia Pacific Product Management at Belimo


Date:2021-02-04 (Thurs)


Language : Cantonese 廣東話