【7月20日】ACCA專業考試備試課程 (卷1) - 城中最好備試課程之一



ACCA(英國特許公認會計師公會專業考試)備試課程 P1 至 P3,由極具教學經驗的會計專業導師會課,其學生遍布中港澳,是城中評價最高的ACCA備試課程之一。



20160623 Francis-Hui.jpgFrancis Hui 許天樂

資深會計備試課程專家, FCCA, 機構財務總監


  • Master of Accountancy from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and over 10 years of senior-level work & consulting experience in accounting, HK & China.
  • Teaching ACCA preparation courses for many private and public organizations in HK, Macau & China: ZBCT (the China’s largest financial training institute), University of Macau, ABRS professional training institute and many others.  
  • Chief Financial Officer of All Star Education.
  • Member of the Student Affairs Sub-committe of ACCA, with responsibility to promote ACCA and its professional examinations among the HK tertiary educational institutions.
  • Specialize in HK & PRC accounting practice related to listing rules & tax issues, and provide consultation services for internal control management, IPO preparation and corporate finance areas.


課程內容 / Course Overview

Participants will learn how to apply relevant knowledge and skills, and exercise professional judgement in carrying out the role of an accountant relating to governance, internal control, compliance and the management of risk within an organisation, in the context of an overall ethical framework.


通過這個課程, 你能夠: / After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Define governance and explain its function in the effective management and control of organisations and of the resources for which they are accountable 
  • Evaluate the Professional Accountant’s role in internal control, review and compliance 
  • Explain the role of the accountant in identifying and assessing risk
  • Explain and evaluate the role of the accountant in controlling and mitigating risk
  • Demonstrate the application of professional values and judgement through an ethical framework that is in the best interests of society and the profession, in compliance with relevant professional codes, laws and regulations. 


課程大綱 / Course Outlines

Class 1

  • Corporate governance overview
  • Agency relationships & board of directors

Class 2

  • Board committees

Class 3

  • Directors’ remuneration
  • Different approaches to CG

Class 4

  • Corporate governance & corporate social responsibility

Class 5

  • Governance: reporting and disclosure
  • Public sector governance

Class 6

  • Internal control and review

Class 7

  • Identifying and assessing risk

Class 8

  • Ethical theories
  • Different approaches to ethics and social responsibility

Class 9

  • Professions and the public interest
  • Professional practice and codes of ethics

Class 10

  • Conflicts of interest and the consequences of unethical behaviour



日期:7月20日 – 9月7日 (逢星期三) 及 8月29日和9月5日 (星期一)

時間:晚上7:00 – 10:00

課堂數目:10 堂 (共 30小時)


地點:Adtigo@Star House,九龍尖沙咀梳士巴利道 3 號星光行 625室 (港鐵尖沙咀 L6 出口 )

學費:HK$3,500 / 香港好工網會員 優惠價 HK$3,000



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