【15 Nov】E2 Tech X Social: Innovation For inclusive Society Keys and Opportunties


創格工房將舉辦一個有關「科技X社會」創業交流活動,是數碼港「全球創業週」的其中一部份。全球化導至現今社會的文化和經濟越趨多元,我們邀請了歷屆創投比賽的優勝初創隊伍,分享他們如何運用創新科技凝造更多關懷,從而達至「社會共融」 (Social Inclusion),同時我們會討論發展「科技X社會」創新關鍵及機遇,以及初創公司進入亞洲和全球市場的前景

Incu-Lab is hosting a dialogue event about “Tech X Social” Entrepreneurship as a part of 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Week, organized by Cyberport. Globalization leads to more culturally and economically diversified societies. Our past winning startup teams will share their ideas and views on how to apply technological innovation for building a more caring society amid the increasingly diversified society in Hong Kong, and thus achieve ‘social inclusion’.Keys and opportunities for creating “Tech X Social” innovations, as well as the future prospects for startups to enter the Asian and global market, will be discussed.


Date: 15 Nov, 2016 (Tuesday)

Time: 19:00 – 21:30

Venue: Classroom 2 & 3, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Language: English and Cantonese


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Tech X Social Speakers:

Edmon CHUNG (CEO, Dot Asia)

Edmon is serving as the CEO for DotAsia Organisation and heads the secretariat for the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF), and the secretariat for the Asian Film Awards Academy. Edmon serves also on the founding board of the Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA), and on the Executive Committee of Internet Society Hong Kong, which serves as the secretariat for the Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO) and participates extensively on Internet governance issues.


Winning Startup Teams:

Jamie CHIU (The Brightly Project)

The Brightly Project is reducing the ‘suck’ for teens experiencing depression, shame, and loneliness. By creating apps that spread positivity, show teens they are not alone in their struggles, and that people who care are all around — teens everywhere can be themselves and not be judged for having a mental illness, for not fitting in, or for being different.



SMART GERIATRIC is providing a cloud-based platform for elderly care institutions who aim to enhance the elderly care service quality through the use of modern technology. Our advance solutions offer elderly care institutions to achieve seamless and efficient elderly care experiences.



We sell stylish custom orthopedic sandals. GROM was founded to empower people by giving them back their independence and self-confidence. We create prescription footwear to alleviate pain, styled in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Our team has deep roots in entrepreneurship (500 Startup Alumni), shoe design (5+ years) and podiatry (30+ years). We can’t wait to bring our shoes to the market next April!


Wan-leung WONG (HKCOTA)

Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association (HKCOTA) is a non-profit tax-exempt organization founded in 2014, aiming at promoting Open Standards, Free and Open Source Software, Open Hardware, Free Culture Works, Open Content and Creative Commons. We are now holding the TinyBoy 3D Education Project, aiming at through the process of making can transform education by inviting students to go beyond being consumers of education.