【10月27日】Happy Hour 裝備自我 x 職場公開演講技術


This training course is designed for students that, as part of their work, regularly give presentations and speaks at public events. The objectives of the training are:

1) Students are enabled to plan and prepare an effective, audience and message oriented presentation and public speech, using a range of tools and props.

2) Students have improved their public speaking and presentation skills.

3) Student have increased their confidence in their own ability to deliver an effective and concise presentation and public speech.

4)Students have identified their strengths and weaknesses in presentation skills and identify strategies to alleviate their weaknesses and build on their strengths.

(The training is based on adult education. Students are asked to select an event in which they are expected to give a presentation and an appropriate topic. During the training, students will develop and give a presentation for their selected event and topic. After their presentations, a Q&A session will follow.


Teacher Introduction:

Patrick Tang is originally from New York, USA

who is now based in Hong Kong.

He is a certified TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) diploma holder and has twelve years teaching experience.

He is also experienced in sales and finance on a global basis.

He's also worked as a voice actor for radio commercials and voiceovers and also an emcee-host for events and parties.

Patrick was part of MTV as a music reviewer, freelance reporter, and interviewer for upcoming and established musicians.

He has a gifted talent for connecting, networking and engaging with people from all over the world.

Therefore, Patrick has an open-minded outlook and wide imaginative outlook on life.

This is his philosophy on how to get the most out of his life.


Date and time: 27 Oct, 2017 (Fri) 7:00 - 10:00pm / 日期及時間:2017年10月27日 (五) 晚上7時至10時

Venue: Room 4, 6/F, Block B, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 489-491 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong / 地點: 荔枝角青山道489-491號,香港工業中心B座6樓4室

Snacks and alcoholic beverages are available / 會場免費提供小食及酒精飲品

Language: Cantonese and supplemented by English / 語言:廣東話及輔以英語

Free: $180 (Early bird before 21 Oct), $450 (Regular), $500 (Walk in) / 費用:10月21號或之前可享早鳥價180元,22號或之後450元,會場價500元正


Objective 1  

A. Students are familiar with training agenda and approach.

B. Students have identified the key characteristics of a good presentation and have learnt to conduct the required analysis to prepare for a presentation.

Welcome! Introduction into training and materials, participant introduction

A) what makes a good presentation?

B) what is stage fright and how to conquer it

C) what type of meetings are you expecting to facilitate?

D) video analysis: a famous public speaker like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama

Developing a presentation 

Part 1: ANALYSIS Exercise: understanding the framework of your presentation


Objective 2

1. Students are familiar with the components of communication.

2. Students understand the importance of communication through the use of visuals and have selected and practiced presentation with visuals themselves.

3. What is a message?  

A) Visual communication: exercise - presentation with visuals followed by feedback on presenters.


Objective 3

Students are introduced to verbal and para-verbal elements of communication and through exercises practiced their use in presentations.

A) verbal presentation- exercise- develop a 3 minute presentation using at least three tools of verbal presentation followed by feedback to presenters.

B) para-verbal content of a message - exercise on clarity, modulation.


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